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Dangers and difficulties in working on wind turbines

Working on wind turbines comes with many dangers and difficulties that from a strangers’ standpoint wouldn’t even come to mind. For wind farms work doesn’t end when the structure is set in place and ready to go – companies that specialise in both assembly and maintenance for wind turbines and wind farms always put their workers at risk so that everything can run smoothly and provide sustainable energy source. What are some major safety concerns and hazards in working on wind turbines?

Working on wind turbines – common maintenance problems and difficulties

As the number of wind turbines grow, there are many more workers who specialise in their maintenance, repairs and assembly. Along with the people who actually handle the wind farms on a day-to-day basis, those workers are subjected to some great hazards and difficulties during their work hours. Obviously, where possible, all hazards should be eliminated and there should be preventative measures taken to reduce the risks. Without proper training, workers can’t be on site. What should they expect once they get there?

  • Working high up

Wind turbines might vary in hight, but they always require to work above the ground, with high winds, all kinds of weather and equipment necessary to do their job at hand. There are companies that provide rope access services for wind turbines, which makes the job safer, but those who don’t use it usually use ladders multiple times a day, which increases their risk of falling and serious injuries.

  • Working in confined spaces

It’s not a problem for everyone, but since working on wind turbines frequently requires going inside it, workers must be in great shape to fit in the space with their equipment and be able to work alone, as there’s space only for one. Getting inside the wind turbine can be dangerous if there are no clear exit route and if the workers can’t communicate properly with other workers outside.

  • Working with heavy load

Wind turbine repairs, maintenance and assembly frequently requires working with a heavy load. It’s usually handled with a crane but it still creates dangers for the workers themselves. Cranes should always be checked for stability and be fully functional before they’re used, so that the risk of materials falling down on the workers is reduced to minimum.

More dangers in working on wind turbines

Workers that specialise in wind turbines are always exposed to noise, especially if they work offshore. With constant wind and changing weather they can not only damage their hearing while working without proper protection, but also slip, trip and fall if they’re not fully focused and careful. Specialised companies like DAAS Group take pride in keeping the safety of their workers at top priority, which in turn makes their job easier, quicker and more precise.