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Working as a doctor in Sweden – pros and cons

Working as a doctor in Sweden seems like a good prospect to many young doctors from all over the world. Even more experienced and settled doctors consider moving if they country doesn’t meet their standards. Media always portraits medical positions in Sweden as a dream job, with good salaries, great standards and many career opportunities along the way. But how does it compare to the reality? Are there any cons of working as a doctor in Sweden? What should you expect if you decide to apply for a job there?


Let’s start with General Practitioners. In most European countries the standard is that they admit about 30-40 patients a day, or even more if the times are tough. This limits the chances to make any real impact on the society. In Sweden, however, the responsibility is different and you get the chance to do more, as you admit less patients a day and you get time to actually work on their cases. This is a great professional opportunity and for people who go into medicine because they want to help people, this is the greatest advantage possible.

Money is a thing that usually attracts candidates from all over the world and truth to be said, it really is good. Of course not everyone earns the same and the standard earnings shouldn’t be compared with other countries, as living here is more expensive than in other places. However, the payment is still good and definitely worth moving for, says Paragona.


As Paragona wrote on its website: Learning and perfecting the language will be a must for you – Swedes speak English perfectly, but they still need you to be close to native with your level of Swedish. Why? Communication with your patients must be undisturbed and many of them are older people who may not necessarily know how to explain all their pains in a foreign language. You’re the one that’s a foreigner to them – if you want to blend in, study the language.

Equally as hard will be for you to adapt to the Scandinavian culture. First of all, people in Sweden treat people equally and will look down on you if you start to brag that you are a doctor. Yes, you made it and it’s your success, but you are not better than a lady behind a counter in a shop. Keep it to yourself and mind your own business and you will be fine.

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